Merging and Splitting Cells in Excel: The Best Introduction

In an Excel worksheet, you will sometimes face a situation where you will need to merge or split the cells according to your needs. Merging and splitting is a great way to customize your Excel worksheet. In this article, we will discuss how you can merge or split the cells hasslefree.

Merge Selected Cells

  • Select two or more adjacent cells you want to merge.
  • Click Home > Merge and Center. You can merge cells without centering, click the arrow next to Merge & Center. Then click Merge Across, or Merge Cells.
  • It then merges the selected cells.

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Split Selected Cells

Suppose you have three items in a cell separated by a comma. In Excel, there is a tool called Text to Columns. This tool will take columns of cells and separate them into multiple adjacent cells based on a delimiter, which you specify. To split the cells in Excel, execute the following steps: 

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  • Select the cell you want to split.
  • Go to Data tab > Text to Columns.
  • Select the file data type.
  • Select the Delimiters type. In this case, it is a Comma.
  • Select the Column data format as General and click Finish.

Your data now gets divided into three cells.



So, in this article, we discussed how to split and merge cells in our Excel worksheet. It is a very efficient way to format the cells with ease.

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