Build High-Quality Parts with Superior Surface Quality, Accuracy and Detail

Print functional models, prototypes, rapid tooling and master patterns with the state-of-the-art Neo stereolithography 3D printer range.

Many industries are investing in 3D printing technology for industrial production. Compared to traditional methods of manufacturing, 3D printing offers significant time and cost savings as well as freedom of design. Stratasys RPS offers a range of industrial 3D printing solutions. From hardware, materials to support Stratasys RPS can help industries transform digital manufacturing and industrial production.

Industries ranging from F1 through to service bureau have already invested in the Neo stereolithography 3D printer for rapid tooling, prototyping, and casting master patterns.

Why are customers upgrading their legacy stereolithography 3D printer with the Neo?

  • Outstanding part accuracy – crisp detail and exceptionally smooth surface finish
  • Open resin system – freedom of material selection
  • Industry leading technology – reliable, stable performance

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