Sophos Launches Partner Care Team To Help MSPs With Operational Needs

Sophos has launched a Partner Care Support Team through its global partner program to aid in non-sales administrative and operational tasks, providing faster response times and increased efficiency for its partners.

The new offering features a dedicated 24×7 team of Sophos experts who handle and assist with MSP tasks, freeing up these partners to focus on selling and securing more customers.

“We’re constantly looking to enhance our channel-best strategy,” Kendra Krause, senior vice president of global channels and small-business sales at U.K.-based cybersecurity vendor Sophos, told CRN. “One of those elements is having that specialized team dedicated to partners. A lot of other competitors have teams dedicated for post-sales customers, but having [this Partner Care Team] just really reinforces our strategy as a channel-best company and continuing to enhance those offerings for our partners.”

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The team of specialists help complete operational or non-sales needs from partners, such as licensing support, inquiries, portal support and quoting.ADVERTISEMENT

“We were already doing this support for our partners, but it was coming from our sales team,” said Krause. “Because it wasn’t a specialized team, you had different response times and it wasn’t as specialized. Creating this centralized team that is specialized on these tasks speeds up our response time and speeds up the efficiency and the time to resolution for our partners.”

The Sophos Partner Care Team offers a single point of contact with a high level of service for partners working with small and midmarket businesses.

“This is a one-stop team that is specialized for all of these tasks,” Krause said. “It’s a simple, quick resolution for any operational, non-sales administrative tasks.”

Richard Wenger, account executive at Opelika, Ala.-based Sophos partner Point Broadband, said the Partner Care offering directly targets Point Broadband’s administration infrastructure, which leads to better financial outcomes through efficiencies and time savings.

“The Partner Care program will afford Point Broadband more latitude to allocate internal resources, both human and cost,” he told CRN via email. “We can now better position these resources against the headwinds of the ever-present threat actors as well as the always aggressive competitive challenges within this market sector that consume a lot of time, energy and cost. At the end of the day, this translates to smarter business practices and a stronger position all around. “

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