Prosimo Launches AI Suite As ‘Buzzword’ Period Ends; Enterprise AI Adoption Ramps Up

Startup Prosimo has ripped the sheets off its new AI Suite For Multi-Cloud Networking, a set of capabilities that will ultimately help enterprises adopt, manage and troubleshoot AI applications and workloads, the company revealed on Thursday.

Prosimo co-founder and CEO Ramesh Prabagaran believes that the AI buzzword honeymoon period has officially come to a close.

“Why I say that is large enterprises now have started to adopt [AI] for solving real business problems that they have. We are starting to see quite a few customers adopt AI to solve very specific problems,” he told CRN ahead of the launch of the AI suite.

With that in mind, the company’s new AI capabilities are built on the company’s existing multi-cloud networking stack. To start with, this will let channel partners and their end customers provision connectivity for AI workloads and data services in minutes while avoiding legacy connectivity methods, Prabagaran said.

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Nearly nine out of 10 enterprises that Prosimo counts as customers currently have a commissioned AI project in the cloud.ADVERTISEMENT

“I think since many of them are realizing the value that AI can provide on the consumer side of the house, they are expecting something similar from enterprise products,” Prabagaran said.

There are two challenges to adopting AI, so the new suite includes two major capabilities, he said. The first is Multi-Cloud Networking for AI, which offers core connectivity, security and infrastructure building blocks for AI workloads, including high bandwidth, low latency, multi-cloud connectivity, and built-in compliance and guardrails around data sets for large language models, the company said.

“All the things that we do to help customers in their cloud journey, we are extending that to AI workloads as well,” he said.

The second capability is Nebula: AIOps for Multi-Cloud Networking. This offering provides quick observability, monitoring, troubleshooting and cost optimization for cloud networking infrastructure, Prosimo said. The company’s Nebula assistant uses natural language to provide predictive recommendations and accelerated root cause analysis.

“We’re developing quite a few use cases, all driven by real customer needs, customer information and their requirements, and we are bundling all this under the umbrella of Nebula that we are then bringing as an AI ops suite to our customers,” Prabagaran said.

The suite will be especially interesting for Prosimo’s channel partners, which range from its networking-focused solution providers to MSPs, he added.

“This [suite] presents itself as some nice advisory conversations that [trusted providers] can have with customers—case in point, cost,” he said.

Existing Prosimo customers will immediately gain access to AI Suite For Multi-Cloud Networking as part of the Prosimo platform, Prabagaran said.

Prosimo emerged from stealth mode in 2021 and has spent the past three years addressing the needs of its customers by collapsing multi-cloud networking, security and application performance to make life simpler for enterprises and channel partners.

The San Jose, Calif.-based company in 2022 launched its Next Partner Program. Prosimo does 100 percent of its business through its ecosystem of partners, according to the company.

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