Security Minute: Up Your IAM Security Game With SecurID Governance and Lifecycle

Hybrid work has become the preferred way to accomplish the 9-to-5, with one study showing 63 percent of high-growth companies already having adopted a “productivity anywhere” workforce model. Businesses now need to make sure that just because their critical information and cloud applications can be accessed from anywhere, only the right people are getting in.

Identity and access management solutions can help you make sure your customers are giving varying levels of access to the right employees. But making this a repeatable and transparent process can be difficult depending on a customer’s corporate and compliance needs. “The difficulty is not in creating and managing those accounts,” says Chris Williams, pre-sales engineer manager at SecurID. “But what it really is, is absorbing process for each one of their particular customers. And every organization does things a little bit differently from anybody else.”

SecurID Governance and Lifecycle is a scalable IAM solution offered in the cloud or on-premises to give MSPs deep visibility into their clients’ network. MSP partners can see who has access to what and why, and approve, grant or revoke access quickly and efficiently with automated lifecycle management. “Now we have a way to make sure that we automate, and we give people what they need when they need it. We take it away when we don’t need it. We modify their access as they move through the organization. Because when you start and when you end, a whole lot of different jobs you may be doing in between,” says Williams.

Get detailed risk-based analytics and data to track applications, access points and user behavior so you can prioritize how, where and when to respond and adjust access rights accordingly. And of course, know you’re getting a trusted solution backed by decades of research and security innovation from SecurID and RSA. “If you want to start a practice with somebody in the identity security space that’s already got 2,000 cloud customers, plus another 15,000 on-prem customers for both authentication and for governance and lifecycle, then you want to partner with somebody that can translate all of those experiences to you and make you more successful faster. And that’s what we do with our partners,” says Williams.

Improve your digital risk management without getting bogged down with traditional identity and access management tasks. Get the support and automation you need to grow your business with SecurID Governance and Lifecycle.RELATED TOPICS:

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