Intel Partner Connection: The Future Of Gaming Is Here With 12th Gen Intel Core Processors

The global gaming market grew exponentially in 2020, but gamers haven’t seen a gaming processor with a competitive core count since 2019 and weak processing power is often a major pain point of avid gamers. But now, Intel OEM partners are getting a power up with new 12th gen Intel Core processors, including the core i9-12900K which Intel dubs the most powerful gaming processors ever. “Achieving a stable 5.2 gigahertz max turbo clock frequency out of the box is a huge accomplishment,” says Namanh Hoang, director of marketing and branding at CyberPowerPC, an Intel partner. “High clock speeds have always been Intel’s biggest advantage and now it’s exceeded all of our expectations.”

Hoang is a die-hard gamer, just like the CyberPowerPC customers who expect the best out of CyberPowerPC’s Intel integrated products. With up to 16 performance and efficiency cores, gamers can multitask using 12th gen Intel Core processors without slowing down the frame rate. “When they’re gaming, that’s not the only thing they’re doing,” says Hoang. “They could be playing mobile games on BlueStacks or they could be watching YouTube or listening to Spotify or they could be streaming their games to Twitch. This is where efficiency cores will shine, allowing the performance cores to dedicate themselves solely to gaming performance while the efficiency cores, they handle everything else in the background.”

Gamers can also easily and safely overclock their Intel Core processors to maximize performance whenever needed. With Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, even the most novice level gamers can overclock with a single click. “Overclocking used to be something limited only to hardcore hardware experts. But now with Intel’s XTU it really brings overclocking to the masses,” says Hoang.

Give your customers processors that are built to last with the highest-level performance on the market and become a leader in the PC gaming segment with Intel.

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