Scale Computing CEO Takes On VMware: ‘Scale Is The Platform’ For The Next 20 Years

Scale Computing is preparing its customers for the next 20 years of computing, CEO Jeff Ready said Thursday, kicking off his company’s inaugural customer event in Las Vegas.

“‘Scale Computing is poised to be the application platform for the next 20 years of computing infrastructure,” Ready told the audience at Scale Computing’s Platform 2023. “At Scale Computing, we strive to be the best vendor our partners and customers have ever, or will ever, work with in their careers.”

Ready said the work Scale Computing has done for 15 years, designing systems for its mid-market and distributed enterprise customers, has laid the foundation for its success in the edge. Over the last year Scale Computing has seen a dramatic rise in revenue, up 30 percent for the year after closing out record quarter after record quarter, Ready said. Scale Computing’s installed base has grown by 70 percent since the pandemic, which Ready partially attributed to the uncertainty around Broadcom’s pending acquisition of VMware.

Since the May 26 announcement by Broadcom that it would buy the Scale Computing competitor for $61 billion, Ready said his team has seen a sharp increase in engagement with bigger customers, he told CRN ahead of the conference.

“They‘re looking for a VMware alternative. And that is the moment in time where you can open their eyes and say, not only is there a VMware alternative that’s going to be less expensive and easier to manage,” he told CRN. “But it sets the groundwork and the foundation for where you‘re going to go over the next 10 years.”

Scale Computing partnered with Intel last year to debute an HCI device for the edge. The NUC EEC was announced at Intel Vision. Ready said customers can expect more products this year as Scale looks to grow technology at the edge, which in turn gives partners a chance to grow.

Ready said the rush for cloud and SaaS products has chipped away at partners’ relationships with their customers, in addition to shrinking margins. He sees the growth of the edge as a massive hardware opportunity for partners as well as a way to get closer to customers who can’t manage the device updates and software lifecycle of thousands of point of sale or IoT units at the edge.

“The edge is an opportunity to get some of that back,” he told CRN.

For Ready, the edge is fulfilling the promise of what the cloud is supposed to do.

“The edge is really the completion of the cloud vision,” Ready said. “The reason it‘s referred to as a cloud is that compute was just there. The cloud did not mean ‘A big data center in Seattle.’ That is not what was visualized. It was ubiquitous computing. And we’re gonna get there. It could be a few years. But we‘re trending in that direction.”

Ready talked with CRN about the future of Scale Computing, its partners and where the market is headed in 2023:


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