Prosimo Launches Partner Program, Nabs Multi-Cloud Competitor Aviatrix’s Channel Leader: Exclusive

Prosimo, a multi-cloud networking upstart, is launching an official partner program and has scooped up Timoteo Prietto, the former channel leader of one of its biggest competitors, to head up its own channel efforts.

The new channel program under the direction of Prietto will help cloud-focused partners capitalize on the unprecedented demand for multi-cloud networking, Mehul Patel, Prosimo’s head of marketing and customer insights, told CRN.

Prietto spent close to three years as the channel leader for Aviatrix Systems, a multi-cloud networking competitor to Prosimo. Prior to that, he served as a territory account manager for VMware.

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Prosimo was looking for a leader for the new partner program who understood the value of multi-cloud and how partners can contribute and make money, Patel said. “We had the opportunity to change the rulebook of our partners to add value, and we needed someone that understood the pains and the challenges that customers and partners are having to unlock in multi-cloud. [Prietto] has built some great channel programs from the ground up and there was no steep learning curve … it was a no-brainer for us.”

The introduction of the Prosimo Next Partner Program will reward the company’s existing partners with access to more incentives, margins and resources, according to the company. It will also serve to educate partners on the opportunities around multi-cloud networking as businesses move from traditional approaches using legacy networking to more modern approaches, which include Prosimo’s Application eXperience Infrastructure (AXI) platform that integrates networking, application performance and security into one approach, Patel said.

The program consists of three levels—Align, Accelerate and Elevate—and offers deal registration, sales assistance, discounted pricing and non-compete territory protection. That’s because Prosimo isn’t going for quantity—the company is and will continue to look for partners that understand the business value of multi-cloud and lead with outcomes, Patel said.

Partners will have access to larger incentives, margins and discounts at all three levels of the program, the company said.

“Prosimo allows us to come [to our customers] with a different story, which is really important,” said Andy de Clerck, CTO of Teneo, a U.K.-based Prosimo partner.

Teneo specializes in hybrid working and edge solutions. The company’s customers rely on a variety of cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, “so, everything we develop and anything we do has to be multi-cloud,” de Clerck said. Prosimo’s technology is helping Teneo’s customers “demystify” the language and constructs of cloud providers and connect users to the asset or application, while increasing performance, he added.

Teneo is looking forward to delivering more multi-cloud, business-level outcomes to customers with the help of the new Prosimo Next Partner Program, de Clerck said. “We don’t want to just get stuck at the technology level, we want to be part of the company’s strategy and Prosimo allows us to be that component,” he said.

Prosimo has been committed to doing 100 percent of its business through the channel from “day one” and is still convinced that multi-cloud networking is a partner play, Patel said. “We’ve signed up a lot of key partners already, and now we’ve learned enough to come up with a structured program which allows partners to validate this solution.”RELATED TOPICS:

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