Eyelit Announces Growth Investment from Banneker Partners

MISSISSAUGA, ON, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Eyelit Inc., a leader in Manufacturing Execution (MES), Quality Management (QMS), and Factory Automation solutions, announced today that Banneker Partners, an enterprise software focused investment firm, has made a growth investment in the company. Banneker’s software expertise, an umbrella of complementary holdings, and capital backing will further strengthen Eyelit’s smart factory solution set.

The Eyelit platform is well-positioned as the centerpiece to control, sense, and coordinate data sources using a tightly integrated, low-code solution. The Banneker investment in Eyelit will further the company’s pursuit in becoming the world leader in factory Digital Transformation Solutions.

“The next wave of solutions will focus on industry Internet of Things,” said Salil Jain, CEO of Eyelit. “We have built Eyelit to be a versatile platform that enables disparate systems to easily exchange timely information, ultimately providing proactive insight to adverse manufacturing situations. Using the information collected, Eyelit’s event manager and graphical scenario manager allow companies to sense and automatically respond, preventing expensive operations disruption. With Banneker behind us, Eyelit will accelerate its reach across industry and disrupt the global legacy solutions that exist today, with our low-code no-code solutions that are easy to deploy, maintain and provide a singular environment.”

“The market has long recognized Eyelit as an innovative technology leader in complex, high-value manufacturing spaces. Eyelit has delivered world-class solutions and proven its ability to operate as a trusted partner to global enterprises,” said Harjot Sachdeva, Operating Partner at Banneker Partners. “We are delighted to fuel this next stage of Eyelit’s growth as the company continues to solve the most critical problems faced in the manufacturing world,” added Terrance Bei, Principal at Banneker Partners.

About Eyelit

Eyelit Inc. is the leader in Manufacturing Execution (MES), Quality Management (QMS), and Automation solutions for visibility, control, and coordination of manufacturing operations for aerospace & defense, battery technology, electronics, medical device, semiconductor, and solar industries. Eyelit uniquely delivers a broad set of smart factory and Industry 4.0 solutions, including Asset Management, Factory and Equipment Integration (Automation/IoT), Manufacturing Execution (MES), Recipe Management, Quality Management, and Business Process Management. These solutions enable customers to rapidly and cost-effectively optimize production and company processes. For more information, please visit www.eyelit.com.

About Banneker Partners

Banneker Partners invests in growing, mission-critical enterprise software businesses to drive sustainable long-term value. Banneker takes a partnership approach to support founders and management teams to achieve their goals by implementing proven best practices and making additional investments across functional areas including sales, marketing, product management, product development, professional services, and customer success and complements these growth initiatives with strategic acquisitions that are focused on enhancing customer value. Banneker has developed an in-depth understanding of manufacturing and supply chain solutions, which has led to a track record of successful partnership in these software businesses, including with companies like IQMS, Orbis MES, LevaData, and EverAg/Dairy.com. For more information, please visit www.bannekerpartners.com.

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