Ethanim Network Announces Partnership with renowned GameFi Mirror World

TOKYO, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Ethanim Network, a Japanese metaverse infrastructure platform announced a partnership with Mirror World, a relatively hot GameFi project. Both sides will play their respective advantages in underlying technology, chain game development experience and ecological operation to jointly promote the development of the GameFi industry. In addition, Mirror World recently closed a $4 million seed round of funding.

It is understood that Mirror World is a blockchain-based virtual world, also known as the Metaverse, where we aim to connect Mirror World with different games and experiences, allowing users to move through different game scenarios with interconnected & independent economic systems.In addition to users from the real world, there are AI virtual beings who are capable of making their own decisions, and we can not only talk to them to understand their stories in this world, but also participate with them in social, gaming and other scenes.

What is more, an important feature is that the NFTs such as equipment and props obtained from the different games connected to Mirror World can be used across different games. In the Mirror World, there will be an independent and complete economic system in each world where NFTs can be exchanged in a Marketplace, allowing users to freely exchange and trade to meet their individual display needs.

As a partner of Mirror World, Ethanim has a unique and innovative business logic that solves the problems of slow transaction speed, low concurrency, and inability to support large and complex calculations through trusted computing technology. It enables that the consensus between nodes in the chain games can be completed quickly; at the same time, the creative modularization of edge computing, virtual GPU, decentralized storage and other technologies can make the system infinitely horizontally scalable. The decentralized chain game can have the comparable performance with the traditional centralized games. It increases the fun of user experience and allows users to easily get the corresponding rewards through NFT transactions in the game. Users can play to earn.

Ethanim’s partnership with Mirror World is the second GameFi project after Mechaverse War. Next, Ethanim will carry out diversified and multi-dimensional cooperation with more GameFi projects, using its own advantages to promote the GameFi industry for a new situation of a hundred flowers in bloom.

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