AMD, Supermicro, Ansys: Pushing The Boundaries Of What’s Possible, Together

Simulation software allows users to see and test innovative solutions before bringing them into reality. From building new aircrafts to designing the next autonomous vehicles, and even developing vaccines, it can all be done faster and more efficiently through simulation.

But with the simulation software market growing at a CAGR of 13.2 percent, according to Markets And Markets research, end-users need the most powerful platform to best run this software and keep up with demand. This is where AMD, ANSYS and Supermicro partnered together to push the boundaries of the simulation industry by providing the most innovative platform to run most complex simulation workloads. “Our SuperMicro SuperBlade, what we offer is one of the fastest simulation-in-a-box,” explains Shanthi Adloori, senior director of product management at Supermicro. “It has about 20 hot-swappable SuperBlade nodes in an 8U chassis. We offer significant per-core performance with AMD EPYC processors. And with high core count, large memory capacity and with faster memory bandwidth, you can complete simulation jobs faster.”

Supermicro SuperBlade servers support workloads running on CPU and GPU processors, which seamlessly integrates with high-powered AMD Instinct GPUs as well as AMD EPYC CPUs—providing both ANSYS computational and mechanical users a single platform with twice the performance speeds of other computer platforms in a benchmark test. “We are the only vendor who supports both GPUs and non-GPUs in the same enclosure, which is very unique to Supermicro,” says Adloori. “With Superblade, you can run complex structural simulations and deliver efficient designs, you know, for cars or planes and a range of other products while meeting tight deadlines.”ADVERTISEMENT

Learn more about the technology powered by the AMD and Supermicro partnership at and find out what Supermicro’s AMD solutions have to offer.LEARN MORE: KATIE BAVOSO 


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