How To Drive More High-Quality Leads With Google Ads

Google and HubSpot have come together to bring you a complete guide + checklist to help you attract new users, nurture your leads and optimise your campaigns in the future. Learn more and get €/£400 in ad credit when you create your first Google Ads in HubSpot. Terms and conditions apply.Get Your Free Copy

Drive leads, build your pipeline and deliver to sales teams.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • A four-step framework to generate high-quality leads in Google Ads
  • Driving leads at scale with search campaigns, conversion measurement & offline conversion import
  • How to reach and re-engage high-intent leads via Google Ads 
  • How to maximise your performance with Google Ads to grow your lead pipeline
  • A checklist of best practices for maximising lead generation in Google Ads 
How To Drive More High-Quality Leads With Google Ads
Drive leads at scale
Nurture leads
Build your pipline

Drive leads, build your pipeline and deliver to sales.

Lead generation-focused advertisers don’t exactly have it easy. To drive and nurture leads, you often have to connect with them multiple times across multiple channels, and still risk losing them along the way. 

What’s more is that expectations for interactions with your business have changed – a generic sales email no longer cuts it. Your audience expects seamless, helpful, and compelling creative – and they want it delivered in a privacy-safe way.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to a 4 step framework aimed at creating quality leads, website traffic & more. We’ll take you through best practices for measurement to help you understand the impact of your advertising efforts & cover tactics to attract new users, nurture these leads directly through Google Ads and so much more!

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