9 Email Header Examples (For Your Inspiration)

We all know the feeling: you open your inbox, scan endless emails, and most just blend together. But some emails stand out. They grab your attention from the very first glance, making you curious to click and learn more.

The secret weapon? A captivating email header.

The header is your email’s prime real estate. It sets the tone, establishes brand identity, and piques the recipient’s interest. Here are 9 email header examples I love, along with what makes them shine:

1. The Personal Touch (University of Warwick):

This header features a welcoming video message from a professor, instantly creating a sense of familiarity and connection – perfect for alumni outreach.

2. Visual Storytelling (Glassdoor):

A friendly image depicting office conversations grabs attention and reflects the platform’s core function.

3. Intriguing Questions (Evernote):

A thought-provoking question like “Feeling overwhelmed?” instantly sparks curiosity and compels the reader to open the email for answers.

4. Data-Driven Urgency (Readwise):

Highlighting a specific statistic, like “Save 10 hours this week,” provides a clear benefit and creates a sense of urgency.

5. Interactive Elements (Mango):

This header uses a dynamic product showcase, allowing the user to explore different clothing items without leaving the email.

6. Brand Consistency (Search Engine Journal):

A clean, consistent brand design reinforces brand recognition and builds trust.

7. Playful Design (Tarte):

Eye-catching visuals and a touch of humor perfectly reflect the brand’s personality and target audience.

8. Scarcity Tactics (Proofpoint):

Mentioning limited-time offers or exclusive content creates a sense of urgency and encourages immediate action.

9. User-Centric Approach (Meltwater):

Personalizing the header with the subscriber’s name instantly grabs attention and personalizes the email experience.

These examples showcase the diverse ways to craft an impactful email header. Remember, the best approach depends on your brand voice, target audience, and email goals.

So get creative, test different ideas, and use these examples as inspiration to craft email headers that get noticed and drive results!

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