The 10 Hottest Semiconductor Startup Companies Of 2021

Paving The Way For Next-Gen Data Centers

Heterogenous compute is becoming the name of the game for next-generation data centers, and it’s not just Intel, AMD or Nvidia that are offering new components to support this thesis.

These 10 semiconductor startup companies, selected by CRN as the hottest of 2021, are offering novel ways to improve the performance, efficiency, economics and bandwidth of servers and beyond with new takes on CPUs, accelerators and connectivity solutions. And they’re making big moves and raising cash from investors, even in the face of an ongoing semiconductor shortage.

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Some of these startups, like Ventana Micro Systems, are building new kinds of CPUs using alternative instruction sets. Others, like Speedata, are building accelerators purpose built for workloads like AI, data analytics and storage. Then there’s another class of startups, like Astera Labs, that are tackling data center bottlenecks through silicon for connectivity.

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