Mandiant Plus Google Chronicle Creates ‘Billions’ In Opportunity

Google Cloud will inject Mandiant technology inside its data analysis security Chronicle service to create new offerings that will open the door to “billions of dollars” in new opportunities, said Google Cloud security leader Jeff Reed.

“You’re going to see a set of new offerings come out over the coming quarters that are tying together what we’re doing in Chronicle with what Mandiant has done in validation, attack surface mitigation and threat intelligence,” Reed, vice president of product for Google Cloud Security, told CRN.

Mandiant will transform Chronicle into both a proactive and reactive security offering that channel partners can standardize their security operations on.

“Mandiant has excellent threat intelligence so it’s about, ‘How do we bring that threat intel on Chronicle as soon as possible?’ They do a bunch of things in a proactive perspective so, ‘How do we do that now [at Google]?’” said Reed. “The Mandiant incident response teams are rebasing the tools they use when they’re called in to investigate a breach so it runs on top of Chronicle.”

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Deloitte Consulting’s Kashif Rahamatullah is bullish about combining Mandiant capabilities with Google Chronicle.

“Mandiant’s core business is reacting to attacks—bringing companies back online after they’ve already gone through an attack. So bringing Chronicle to start doing some predictive analysis on potential threats is the right combination,” said Rahamatullah, Deloitte Consulting’s Google Cloud Practice and Alliance leader. “It will make it so you can actually address potential threats before the attack actually happens so you don’t have to be in a reactive mode.”

Mandiant, Siemplify And Chronicle

Google Chronicle is a service built on top of core Google infrastructure that enables customers to retain, analyze and search the massive amount of security and network telemetry they generate. The cloud service normalizes, indexes, correlates and analyzes the data to provide instant analysis and context on risky activity.

Mandiant, now part of Google Cloud, is a world-renowned provider of threat intelligence, security advisory and incident response.

This year, Google Cloud acquired security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) company Siemplify to help customers enhance how they hunt, detect and respond to threats.

Reed said Chronicle, Mandiant and Siemplify technologies are being integrated together to revolutionize what Google Cloud can do around the security operations (SecOps) market.

“Chronicle didn’t have the orchestration, automation capability—but it does now,” said Reed. “Some of the automated defense functions are coming from Mandiant. With Siemplify and Mandiant, we’ve really filled out the entirety of the SecOps portfolio and the suite in a way that now we have all the checkboxes checked.”

New Chronicle Security Operations

Launched at Google Next this week, Google Cloud unveiled its new Chronicle Security Operations offering, which includes Siemplify capabilities and, in the future, Mandiant technology.

Chronicle Security Operations is a cloud-born software suite that can better enable cybersecurity teams to detect, investigate and respond to threats with the speed, scale and intelligence of Google.

The offering provides a more streamlined and integrated experience for security operations teams.

Chronicle Security Operations shows that Google Cloud will continue to enhance its security offerings by integrating new technologies from acquired companies like Siemplify and Mandiant, which will lead to billions of dollars in opportunities.

‘Billions’ In Opportunity For Chronicle

When asked just how big of a market opportunity Chronicle will be for partners, Reed said, “It’s huge. It’s billions of dollars.”

Chronicle was built with “unmatched scale and speed,” Reed said, along with an employee-based pricing model that allows customers to bring in as much data as needed without hefty costs.

With the addition of Mandiant and Siemplify capabilities being injected into Chronicle, along with growing cloud adoption, the market opportunity ahead is significant, he said.

Deloitte Consulting Rahamatullah agreed that there’s billions of money on the table in the cloud security space as Google Cloud doubles down on making cybersecurity a market differentiator.

“I totally believe that there is a multibillion-dollar opportunity for Google here,” said Rahamatullah. “And that is a space where there’s almost a one-to-one, in terms of $1 for $1 services potential, to how much a customer is going to spend on infrastructure and platform.”

Rahamatullah said with many businesses still using on-premises and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, Google Cloud has the ability to take the security market by storm over the next few years with rich services opportunities for channel partners.

“If there’s a multibillion-dollar opportunity for Google, which we truly, truly believe there is—there’s a multibillion-dollar opportunity for services dollars to make that real,” said Rahamatullah.

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