Keith White On GreenLake’s Big ‘Leap Forward’ And Why HPE Is ‘Miles Ahead’ Of Dell Apex

Truly Partner-Enabled’ As-A-Service Portfolio

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Executive Vice President of GreenLake Cloud Services Commercial Keith White told CRN the new release of GreenLake represents a “significant” leap forward in making the edge-to-cloud platform “truly partner-enabled.”

“The great thing that I love that we have done as a company is we have made the platform truly partner-enabled and very partner-friendly,” said White, who has played a key role in putting partners front and center in the HPE GreenLake sales charge. “That gives partners the ability to quote what they need to, price and invoice what they need to, integrate into their marketplaces, and to provide their additional value-added services or managed services on top of that. All of that built into the platform with an easy set of APIs to plug into that makes it extremely partner-friendly so that partners can take advantage of what GreenLake has to offer for all of their customers. That is the leap forward.”

The new GreenLake release provides tight API integration for both MSP service offerings. It also includes tight API integration with distributor cloud marketplaces, powering faster side-by-side price quoting against public cloud behemoths like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

“We are very, very partner-focused,” said White. “Our commitment to partners and the ecosystems is unwavering. We are focused on how we make partners successful because if they are successful, we are all successful. We need that deep relationship and partnership as partners move much more into this solutions realm.”

The new unified GreenLake release includes the first standardized versions of HPE GreenLake Networking as a Service (NaaS) featuring eight new Aruba offerings with flex-up and flex-down options including Indoor Wireless as a Service, Outdoor Wireless as a Service, Remote Wireless as a Service, Wired Access as a Service, Wired Aggregation as a Service, Wired Core as a Service, SD-Branch as a Service and Aruba UXI, User Experience Insight, which provides network application and performance management.

HPE also is stepping up its storage cloud services sales charge with what it is calling the industry’s first-ever block storage as a service offering with 100 percent data availability with an on-premises cloud operational model. In addition, HPE is formally launching its GreenLake backup and recovery service for VMware virtual machines. HPE’s backup and recovery service has also added immutable data copies for ransomware protection across all major cloud environments including AWS and Azure.

White said the breakthrough new GreenLake release represents another dramatic step in HPE’s transformation into a cloud services software powerhouse. In fact, he said, the new release goes a long way toward fulfilling the promise made three years ago by HPE President and CEO Antonio Neri to deliver every HPE product as an as-a-service offering by the end of 2022.

“ Antonio committed three years ago that by the end of 2022 everything would be running as a service,” said White. “You are seeing the outcome of that now. It has been a pretty dramatic shift.”  1   23… 11NextRELATED TOPICS:


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