HPE is using its HPE Discover Partner Growth Summit to unveil a new Integrated Quoter tool that dramatically accelerates the ability for partners to do complex, custom GreenLake cloud service price quotes.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise is using its HPE Discover Partner Growth Summit to unveil a new Integrated Quoter tool that dramatically accelerates the ability for partners to do complex, custom GreenLake cloud service price quotes.

“For the first time ever we are fully enabling all of our resellers and channel partners to really spec out pretty complex as-a-service environments all on their own,” said HPE GreenLake Vice President of Partner Ecosytem Maurice Martin in an interview with CRN.

The new Integrated Quoter – which is being beta tested by several hundred HPE partners – is set to be released in August, said Martin.

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The Integrated Quoter provides system engineering capabilities in a tool that partner system engineers can use to deliver much faster price quotes on advanced, custom GreenLake deals, said Martin.ADVERTISEMENT

“It is going to let for the first time ever the channel really unleash advanced, custom as-a-service infrastructure (price quoting) with- HPE GreenLake,” said Martin. “We are literally giving them the kit and caboodle to go do it all on their own. It is a complete game changer to really improve the speed and the ease of our partners working with customers in those advanced situations.”

The new tool eliminates a lot of back and forth between partner system engineers and the HPE GreenLake system engineering team that could sometimes take several weeks, said Martin.

“The difference now is you can sit down as a sales engineer with your customer and after the conversation once you know what they want you literally press the button and you get a unit measure price out of us there and then!,” said Martin.

HPE already offers a Quick Quote tool for partners, but that is for pre-configured GreenLake solutions, said Martin. “Quick Quote gives you a Chinese menu where you can pick something from the lists of things we have,” he said. “When you go Integrated Quoter, it is full a la carte. You can meet your customer’s very specific needs all on your own.”

HPE’s Integrated Quoter is yet another example of HPE’s full court press to put partners at the “center” of the HPE GreenLake go to market model, said Martin.

“The fundamental thing we are doing with the HPE edge to cloud platform is to put partners right at the center in terms of how they can sell, how they can manage and service and how they can build solutions on the platform,” he said. “This is the whole DNA of what we are doing: it is partners at the center. Unlike some other folks that are saying you hand it off to us and we’ll take it off you, we see partners at the very center.”LEARN MORE: Cloud Software Cloud Storage 

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