Google AI Head On Data Privacy, GenAI Lead Vs. AWS, Microsoft

After working for Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services for a combined 20 years, Philip Moyer believes generative AI may be the most significant opportunity in the history of IT industry with Google in a prime position to beat the competition.

Moyer, global vice president of Google’s artificial intelligence business, said his company’s AI strategy around trustless computing and providing private AI models where customers are in complete control of their data is a major advantage for Google versus public models.

“There’s so many examples of this with public models and a lot of the models that are from our competitors, where information has been pushed into these models in a public way.And you can actually ask questions about that information that is supposed to be very private,” said Moyer.

“I was with a toy manufacturer over in Europe and someone had used their price list, pushed it into one of the big public models, and people could see the precise profit they were making on every single toy,” he said. “Like, I could probably go query that model today and get the profit margin on that price. So public models are not private—that’s big.”

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AI Data Privacy: ‘We Actually Back It Up In Our Contracts’

Google, Microsoft and AWS have been investing billions in artificial intelligence in 2023, specifically around generative AI. The three tech giants are the worldwide leaders in cloud computing and are injecting innovative AI technology into their most popular products, while also launching brand new generative AI solutions.

“I have never seen customer demand like what I’m seeing today. And I’ve worked at all the big three,” Moyer told CRN. “I will tell you—from the developers all the way through the board room—everyone is interested in executing on generative AI and using general AI to transform their business.”

For the past four years, Moyer has been responsible for the global business and commercialization of Google Cloud’s AI offerings including generative AI, industry products and strategic AI partnerships.

Prior to joining Google in 2019, Moyer was managing director of global financial services at AWS in charge of AWS sales, technical and customer experience teams that supported some of AWS’ largest customers. He started his IT career at Microsoft, spending nearly 15 years at the software giant from 1991 until 2005 in various general manager roles.

“Google was the first to publish our privacy stance on AI: your data is your data; your training is your training; and your inference is your inference,” he said. “We back that up not just with blog posts, we actually back it up in our contracts.”

In an interview with CRN, Moyer talks about Google’s AI market differentiation versus AWS and Microsoft, as well as the “extraordinary” opportunities for Google partners today around generative AI.


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