Elevating AI Performance With Dell Technologies And AMD

The AMD Instinct MI300X, a cutting-edge enterprise GPU for data centers, features the advanced Compute DNA 3 architecture, offering enhanced performance and productivity. This architecture provides 1.5 times more H-B-M-3 memory, 1.7 times more memory bandwidth and twice the network bandwidth, supporting a wide range of AI frameworks, models and tools.

“That bandwidth, that memory capacity, the capabilities of doing more and more and scaling each generation,” says David Melendrez, account manager, AMD processors, AMD.

The ROCm 6 AMD AI software stack-optimizes large language models and AI training frameworks, complementing AMD’s advanced AI GPU hardware.

“It really provides a platform for all traditional and generative AI use cases to come together in one single system,” says Allen Clingerman, chief technology strategist, server+workloads, NA channels, Dell Technologies.ADVERTISEMENT

This new model will empower solution providers to cater to customers at various stages of AI adoption, from beginners to advanced users, enabling organizations to achieve greater outcomes for their business.

Clingerman also adds, “I don’t have to worry about code. I don’t have to worry about coding to any specific GPU. That is powerful to me. And you’re going to see more and more of that as this market continues to mature.”

As you bring AI to your business’s vast data, AMD and Dell Technologies enable the necessary scale to fine-tune AI models with the new Dell Validated Design for Generative AI, managing demanding workloads.

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