D&H’s Hiring Of Marty Bauerlein Is A Distribution ‘Game-Changer:’ Elite SP 500 Execs

Sterling CEO Brad Moore knows the value of D&H Distributing hiring a high-integrity, relationship-driven distribution executive like Marty Bauerlein.

When Moore first met Bauerlein, who was then an executive at Tech Data, his company was doing very little business with the distributor. That changed quickly with Bauerlein’s ability to build tight ties with Sterling.

In fact, over the course of several years, Sterling shifted the majority of its business to Tech Data based on Bauerlein’s ability to build a strategic relationship backed up by strong execution. That was in 2012. Today, Moore’s company, Sterling, No. 58 on the 2022 CRN Solution Provider 500, is one of the most respected enterprise-focused solution providers.

Moore, who is still a huge fan of Bauerelin, called the D&H hire a distribution “game-changer” that is going to reverberate through the market.

“Hiring Marty is a huge get for D&H,” said Moore. “I base that upon how well-known, how well-respected and how well-liked Marty is in the industry. From a VAR perspective, we all think very highly of Marty. I know a lot of owners in this industry, and the respect and admiration for Marty is universal. I would bet that companies like mine are going to be a lot more receptive to doing more business with D&H.”ADVERTISEMENT

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Sterling, a Midwest market powerhouse and perennial Dell Technologies Federal Partner of the Year, is the kind of partner account that is highly prized by distributors. The company, which was founded 27 years ago, has made its way into the top tier of the CRN Solution Provider 500 all through organic growth.

Moore said he already “respects” and has an existing relationship with D&H but couldn’t be happier about the addition of Bauerlein. “What makes Marty so unique is he is by far one of the hardest-working people I know,” he said. “Marty is so honest and transparent. He’s definitely one of the good guys in this business. With Marty, you feel like you have a friend in the business. You just enjoy working with him.”

Scott Ward, senior vice president of technology sourcing operations in North America for Computacenter, the $9 billion global solution provider behemoth, feels the same way. He said Bauerlein is an old-school relationship-driven executive who engenders “trust and integrity.”

“Marty is very passionate, approachable and genuine about helping us win,” said Ward, who oversees the $4 billion North America technology sourcing business for Computacenter. “Marty is very good at sitting down and understanding how we approach our customers and then he goes back and makes changes to help us win with things like extending terms on a project, inventory management or providing a relationship with an OEM we didn’t have. Marty is helpful, reliable and genuine.”

Ward, a 30-year-plus channel veteran who has known Bauerlein for close to two decades, said the new D&H hire is going to reverberate through the market.

Ward said Bauerlein has always been willing to do what is best for the partner, building a long-term relationship that is based on trust and doing the right thing for the customer. “Marty is very honest and open even when it might not benefit his business, which speaks a lot to his character,” he said. “Marty’s energy, relationships and passion is a great fit for D&H. I am very happy he is going to D&H.”

Ward has an existing relationship with D&H that was fostered when D&H stepped in to help Computacenter two years ago with a 200,000-device integration deal. D&H Co-President Dan Schwab made a personal commitment to get it done and D&H “executed flawlessly,” said Ward.

“D&H is bringing the relationship with people back into the mix of this business,” he said. “There is no replacement for looking someone in the eye and doing a job well and proving you can compete with the big guys. We are trying to give them more opportunities.”

The culture that Dan and Co-President Michael Schwab have built is “infectious,” said Ward. “From the warehouse teams to the logistics teams to the billing teams and customer support, you can see the spirit and culture they have built,” he said.

Ward says he sees Bauerlein bringing a well-earned enterprise solution provider following to D&H. “That is the value to D&H,” he said. “Marty has a very loyal following. You trust him. That’s a small but big word in this business.”

Ward said he is looking forward to working again with Bauerlein now that he is at D&H. “Marty brings a different level of skill and experience with companies like us,” he said. “Marty’s relationships go wide and deep with a lot of partners. It is really a match made in heaven. I am happy for Dan and Marty.”

Kevin Shank, a 31-year channel veteran who three months ago took the CEO job at CRN Solution Provider 500 powerhouse Compucom, No. 49 on the 2022 CRN Solution Provider 500, said he also sees the Bauerlein hire as a “game-changer” for D&H.

“Marty brings a tremendous Rolodex of key relationships in the technology market to D&H,” he said. “Having Marty at D&H elevates their access to key opportunities. As a result of Marty coming on board, I am going to now look at D&H for potential future opportunities.”

Shank, whose hiring at Compucom has reinvigorated the company, said it would be a mistake to underestimate the power of the relationships that Bauerlein brings to the table.

“Marty has consistently delivered for partners,” he said. “He has built up a lot of trust and currency with the channel.”LEARN MORE: Distribution  | Cloud Infrastructure  | Cloud Platforms 

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