ClearForce Awarded U.S. Patent for Continuous Employee Risk Monitoring Technology

ClearForce, an analytics and risk technology leader in the early and ongoing discovery of employee risk, announced today that it has been awarded US Patent No. 11,961,029 for Systems & Methods for Electronically Monitoring Employees to Determine Potential Risk. ClearForce commercializes its patent through its Resolve™ platform that synthesizes employee risk signals and alerts from many diverse data sources into a unified platform for triage, investigation and analytics. By incorporating criminal, legal, financial, social, internal incident and network activity data, ClearForce provides a holistic view of potential employee risks, allowing for rapid detection and mitigation. ClearForce’s innovation includes unique controls for initial anonymity, privacy and legal compliance.

ClearForce Logo
ClearForce Logo

“ClearForce delivers a paradigm shift in how organizations approach employee risk management, helping them move from a reactive to a proactive model,” said Tom Miller, CEO of ClearForce. “By introducing a complementary layer of human behavior risk signals, ClearForce enhances the overall security posture of our clients, providing needed insight to preemptively address material threats. Recent spikes in fraud, theft, violence and nation state risk within the workplace have led to high-dollar impacts, front-page news, damaged reputations and lost lives. Organizations are moving to on-going and compliant continuous evaluation of employees and contractors driven by cross functional requirements from Security, HR and Legal.”

“This patent exemplifies ClearForce’s domain expertise and leadership in the employee risk management landscape,” said ClearForce co-founder and board member James L. Jones, retired United States Marine Corps General and former National Security Advisor to the President. “Already deployed in both private and public sector clients across industries including federal agencies, defense contractors, energy, transportation, financial services and entertainment, ClearForce’s technology is invaluable for today’s unique organizational security and national security challenges.”

ClearForce board members and co-inventors, James Jones III (CEO of Jones Group International) and Norm Willox(former Chief Privacy officer of LexisNexis), were forward thinking to include advanced privacy controls required for wide adoption in both government and commercial sectors. Also important to the founders was ensuring that the technology would be governed by security and compliance controls to eliminate bias and discrimination and meet EEOC and FCRA requirements.

ClearForce technology is utilized for mission critical risk programs such as continuous evaluation, insider threat, security, safety, post-hire screening, trusted workforce, SAFETY Act and suicide prevention. Real-time behavioral risk alerts are configurable to address internal misconduct, safety and compliance policies of the organization and delivered within the Resolve™ user interface or via a centralized API and risk data service that combines human and cyber risk digital signals. 

About ClearForce
ClearForce is a people risk SaaS technology firm focused on protecting organizations by detecting human risk signals in the workforce and supply chain. Our patented continuous evaluation and risk analytics platform combines automation, data services, machine learning and compliance. ClearForce has a long history of delivering risk detection and mitigation solutions for both government agencies and large commercial clients. For more information, visit

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