CDW CEO: Supply Chain Issues Are An Opportunity

CDW President and CEO Christine A. Leahy says supply chain shortages for the company remain unchanged but that the company is pivoting to assist its customers and work around the shortages.

“We‘re not seeing a lot of change in the challenges that we’re all facing,”said Leahy during the Lincolnshire, Ill.-based national IT solution provider’s first quarter earnings call on Wednesday. “When we think about the supply chain environment, it’s an opportunity but it’s also frustrating. It’s an opportunity for CDW because we know what’s happening. We have more visibility with our partners than anybody. It‘s complex because on the solution side, what happens is if you’re an integrated solution, if you’re missing one part of that, you can’t get the software out if you don‘t have the hardware, so it gets pretty complex.”

She said CDW’s competitive advantages include the ability to take on inventory to support customers, distribution and logistics capabilities, “that put us in a great position to manage the supply chain issues better than anybody in the market.”

“It’s frustrating for customers,” she said. “And we’re helping customers get through that because we can help them choose alternatives, which they‘re a little more open-minded about now.”

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