Barhead launches new contract lifecycle and matter management platform

Sydney-based Microsoft specialist Barhead has launched a contract lifecycle and matter management platform built using the low-code capabilities in Microsoft’s Power Platform.

Dubbed Consensus, the product is billed as a game changer for contract lifecycle management (CLM) software and offers an end-to-end contract and matter management app for legal, procurement and contract teams.

Barhead said in a statement that by enabling users to work on the Microsoft Cloud, Consensus makes it easy to locate, track and manage contracts and other updates, increasing legal and contracting efficiencies for organisations and industries.

“Lawyers are often the guardians of a company’s non-financial information and face common challenges. For one, they deal with a vast amount of information that they need to be able to find, access, manage and maintain easily,” said Amanda Fajerman, Engagement Manager, Consensus.

“They have key responsibilities to the organisation across the contract lifecycle such as advising on legal risks during contract negotiation, reporting on trends, and managing contractual obligations following execution.”

According to Barhead, the product’s differentiator is Microsoft’s low-code to no-code capabilities.

“I think one of the great things about the technology we chose to build Consensus upon, is it allows us to achieve an immense amount of capability with an almost impossibly short time frame,” Consensus product manager Luke Kelly said.

“We’re leveraging off that speed to scale, competing with the most prominent platforms out there that have had many years and millions of dollars of investment.

“Building on bespoke solutions akin to solutions provided by small businesses, we are really changing the game by building on Power Platform, building on an enterprise grade platform that is built to scale.”

The company said the software’s centralised, connected and integrated source of data and activities was key to its usefulness.

The product integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Office 365, Teams, SharePoint and other web apps, removing data silos in large organisations and unifying data for collaboration across different departments.ADVERTISING

“I think one of the key unique features of Consensus is its very close connection to SharePoint. We get the best out of Power Platform and connect to the best of SharePoint because we live in Microsoft Cloud,” Kelly said.

“We can seamlessly connect to key line of business apps such as Outlook and Teams, allowing users to interact with Consensus easily within their daily activities and workflow.”Got a news tip for our journalists? Share it with us anonymously here.

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