5 Bold Statements On Transforming For A Hybrid World From NetApp’s CEO

Transforming To Meet A Hybrid World

NetApp may be best known as a storage vendor, but it is also busily transforming itself into a leading provider of technology to manage data and applications across on-premises, hybrid cloud, and public cloud infrastructures. Its cloud message is one the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company has been hammering on for almost a decade, and is now the leading topic whenever NetApp brings partners and customers together.

Take this year’s NetApp Insight 2021 conference, which Wednesday was held in a virtual format for the second year in a row due to the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus impact. While the company this week introduced a new all-flash storage array, that was a minor announcement compared to the amount of cloud-focused software news. That included a new version of its Ontap management software featuring sophisticated anti-ransomware protection and the ability to work with the advanced NVMe over TCP protocol, new relationships with the three top cloud hyperscalers, improvements to its Cloud Manager management platform, and new capabilities for the NetApp Spot offering for finding the best cloud instance to run a cloud application.

NetApp CEO George Kurian, in his NetApp Insight keynote, also noted that his company is itself going through the same digital transformations its customers are seeing.

“We’re transforming our own operations to enable speed and resilience,” he said. ”Our supply chain has built resilience to operate in multiple geographies independently. Our technology portfolio development practices use DevOps principles, and our high-trust culture has proven to be a tailwind at a time when we’ve needed it.”

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