20 Cool Gadget Gift Ideas For Techies: Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Cool And, In Some Cases, Unexpected

How about that — it’s suddenly that time of year again. You probably want to start that holiday shopping soon, given supply chain issues, but let’s at least make it a little fun!

Whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts, Hannukah gifts, Kwanzaa gifts or presents for other holidays, you’re likely wondering, “What are the latest things that techies are into?” You are reading this on the website of a technology publication after all, so maybe you just want to see something new.

Well, good news then. CRN has compiled a list of some really cool gadgets that you can give to the techies in your life, and we have several categories covered: toys and learning tools, speakers and headphones, wearables, smartphone accessories, computers, smart home devices and video game consoles. And not all of them are what you would expect in a typical guide.

What follows are the 20 cool gadgets that can serve as great holiday gift ideas in 2021.  1   23… 21NextRELATED TOPICS:


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