Technology Experience Trends: VDI For The Hybrid Workforce

With the boom of teleworking, more companies are exploring the best ways to support remote workers. Your workforce is your most critical workload and Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers with AMD EPYC processors can help your users connect, collaborate and create with confidence.

“Our PowerEdge R7515 servers have been refreshed with the 3rd generation AMD EPYC processors, codenamed Milan, and support up to 64 cores that can be distributed to VDI users without having to over-provision them. This 3rd generation EPYC processor also supports optimized platforms for single socket and two-socket platforms, giving you all the benefits of the single socket or two-socket server in a single-socket platform,” says Allen Clingerman, chief technology strategist, server+workloads, North America channels for Dell Technologies.

The latest generation of EPYC processors have a high core count, brand-new 9-die M-C-M architecture, and Infinity Fabric. It provides outstanding virtual desktop infrastructure workload performance for users.

“A recent principled study showed that we can support up to 223 users on the single socket R7515 server. It would support up to two terabytes of memory and up to four single-wide graphic GPUs for mainstream and workstation-class users,” says Clingerman.

Dell EMC PowerEdge R7515 server equipped with this 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processor is power efficient and offers 10 percent better performance per dollar than the two-socket competition.

“So we’ve optimized it from a power and TDP perspective to really provide better power efficiency and cooling. We have higher thermals with these new latest greatest technologies and the CPUs. If we move down to a single socket instead of the mainstream two-socket offerings, we’re reducing that TDP to provide better power efficiency and cooling,” says Clingerman.

You can learn more about Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers with AMD EPYC processors at Dell TOPICS:

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