Pango Group Launches VantageIQ, a Proprietary, Data Intelligence Software Platform to Support Consistent Business Growth and Recurring Revenue

GLENDALE, Calif., Dec. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pango Group, one of the leading independent settlement services companies in California, recently announced the launch of VantageIQ, its proprietary software platform focused on utilizing data intelligence to support its approach of consistent growth and recurring revenue.

VantageIQ is powered by a robust back-end and provides a seamless user experience through intelligent dashboards, easy-to-digest reports, and real-time notifications, allowing sales representatives, escrow officers, and management to analyze metrics quickly and efficiently to make the best decisions possible.

“Identifying a recurring revenue model within the financial services industry has historically been a challenge. In an industry traditionally viewed as purely transactional, we set out to solve this problem by aggregating both internal and external data sets that empower us to predict and forecast future business,” shared Joe Curtis, Pango Group COO.

With the launch of VantageIQ, Pango Group can leverage its data-driven sales process in unison with its outstanding client service to create predictable revenue for its business – business that is fueled by technology to build long-lasting business relationships that produce multiple deals over multiple years.

“I know that VantageIQ will help our current employees grow and will do the same for those we hire in the future, and that makes me very happy. Part of our mission is to enhance the lives of our people, and I know this tool will do just that by equipping them with the knowledge and power to make smart decisions that benefit our clients,” said Scott Akerley, Pango Group CEO.

In addition to VantageIQ facilitating a recurring revenue model and propelling business growth, Pango Group will use the platform for recruiting and retaining top talent in the industry.

About Pango Group:
Pango Group is a family of companies that includes Glen Oaks Escrow, American Trust Escrow, CV Escrow, California Elite Escrow, AV Escrow, Escrow Trust Advisors, Olive Escrows Inc., VOI Insurance Solutions, Mosaic Signing Services, California Settlement Services, and Document Archive Solutions.

Pango Group has been one of California’s leading independent escrow resources for over 26 years, with locations from Los Angeles to Orange County to the Coachella Valley and San Diego, and owns and manages over 20 offices and 300 employees.

The company’s mission of running exceptional real estate service businesses that enhance the lives of the people, partners, and communities they serve has been an integral part of its success. Most recently, Pango Group was named one of the Best Places to Work for the eighth year in a row in Los Angeles.

Contact: Elizabeth Burros, [email protected]

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