LogicMonitor Launches Unified Observability Platform

LogicMonitor has launched LM Envision, a SaaS-based unified observability platform that implements visibility and optimization into IT data supply chains under a single pane of glass.

The observability platform works to ingest, process and analyze large volumes of data and quickly assesses and manages the health of the overall IT environment and application infrastructure of an enterprise, in turn ensuring an efficient IT data supply chain.

“Data is becoming more complicated,” Christina Kosmowski, CEO of LogicMonitor, told CRN. “We’re getting it from all these different parts across the IT environments and it needs to be collected, curated, processed and then analyzed so we can actually give actionable insights.”

Santa Barbara, Calif.-based LogicMonitor, which is on CRN’s 2022 Data Center 50 List, has been scaling observability offerings for customers of all sizes and industries. LM Envision now enables customers to optimize their IT data supply chain to better deliver on business objectives and drive the IT resilience needed for digital business.

“We‘ve been hearing from our customers and our partners that we’re doing such a great job of being able to monitor and provide insights from the infrastructure layers,” Kosmowski said. “That really is helping us expand on that to provide that single pane of glass across the entire IT landscape.”

She said with customers’ help, LogMonitor was able to provide AIops and insight as well in that single pane of glass.https://2f54fb1b1fdb275e80c2c15158e5bc2e.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

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“Our partners are working with CIOs and IT departments that have a myriad of point solutions and complexities, and they‘re asking our partners to simplify that,” she said. “In turn, our partners are asking, ‘How can you bring all of this data together in a single platform across the entire stack while also being able to correlate that data?’ That becomes really critical to what the CIOs and IT operations departments are being tasked with at their companies and they’re looking for our partners and us to help support them.”

LM Envision offers application performance monitoring,which enables customers to identify application bottlenecks and optimize performance, and cloud monitoring enhancements to expand cloud coverage and container visibility. The platform also allows customers to improve their existing IT ecosystem with increased speed and consistency and automate remediation and alert aggregation.

“We‘re the only cloud provider that can monitor both on-premises and cloud, so we’re really able to be agnostic and support companies that are in those hybrid environments,” Kosmowski said.

“We collect and curate over 600 billion metrics a day,” she added. “Having access to all that data allows us to be smarter and understand those anomalies and patterns so that we can drive those intelligent insights and actions.”

LM Envision also helps partners focus more on innovative business metrics for their customersand align the IT metrics to business metrics, which in turn creates more value.

“Our customers are looking for observability that can scale to their business and provide visibility across their IT silos from on-prem, across apps, newer technologies like containers, and all the way to multi-cloud. LogicMonitor helps us deliver on those requirements,” said Scott Mayers, chief delivery officer at solution provider ATSG. “Now with LogicMonitor LM Envision, we can help ATSG clients take a truly unified approach to observability. That’s a win for our customers and a win for us.”RELATED TOPICS:

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