Deloitte’s Big Bets On Google Generative AI, ‘Proactive’ Workforce Transformation

With over 10,000 professionals at Deloitte working to help customers migrate to Google Cloud, the consulting and IT services giant is building new generative AI solutions with Google to drive new opportunities for enterprises around the world.

“Clearly, we are at an inflection point in terms of technology evolution and AI in general,” said longtime Deloitte executive Gopal Srinivasan, who leads Generative AI for the Alphabet Google alliance. “Generative AI is pulling forward the entire discipline of AI. Google and Deloitte have been working ahead of several things that are now coming out in public.”

The $59 billion New York City-based company is doubling down on Google Cloud as Google launches a slew of partner recourses and new generative AI products across its large portfolio.

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“A lot of the benefit of generative AI is about augmenting human capability and advancing it. So that also requires humans to relearn the way they do things,” said Srinivasan (pictured). “These technologies allow you to drive more productivity, but it’s also going to require proactive workforce transformation.”

Deloitte Expands Google Cloud Partnership For Generative AI

This month, the two IT giants expanded their partnership aimed at building and scaling AI solutions as Deloitte’s Generative AI practice rapidly grows.

Google Cloud’s worldwide partner leader Kevin Ichhpurani told CRN that his cloud company is forming a tighter relationship with Deloitte around engineering and go-to-market in order to bring Google’s generative AI capabilities to enterprises in every industry.

“Together, we’re now helping clients really bring together real-world use cases for generative AI. We’re helping retailers create completely new customer experiences; helping consumer product companies rethink the way they do marketing—you’re seeing very disruptive use cases in the market right now,” Ichhpurani told CRN. “We oftentimes need to adapt the model for the customers’ individual use cases. Deloitte has the expertise to do that, as well as the ongoing change management that is going to be required for the enterprise.”

Deloitte’s new Generative AI Practice helps customers harness the power of AI and foundation models to boost productivity and drive business innovation, with a big focus on workforce transformation and trustworthy AI.

“This feels like an evolution that has not happened before in terms of the scope, but also the pace at which things are moving,” said Srinivasan, who has decades of experience in the IT industry. “The capabilities of the technology are real.”

In an interview with CRN, Srinivasan explains Deloitte’s strategy of workforce transformation with generative AI, its Google Cloud partnership and the company’s AI vision.


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