10 New HPE GreenLake Breakthroughs: What You Need To Know

ringing The “Amazon Experience” To HPE GreenLake

The groundbreaking new release of the HPE GreenLake platform bring an Amazon Web Services experience to the edge to cloud services platform with a single sign on, security and the ability to self service provision cloud services through GreenLake.HPE.com, said HPE Chief Technology Officer Fidelma Russo.

The new release represents a dramatic step forward in the architecture of the platform with compute, storage and networking services all available in a unified platform, said Russo.

“At the base of this platform architecture is the GreenLake cloud platform, think of that as like your Amazon experience where you go in, you have a single sign on, you have a single way to consume, you look at your subscriptions, you get your support and you can get all of those different pieces in GreenLake,” said Russo. “So once you enter into GreenLake you have the single experience with single identity that you bring with you no matter whether you are consuming compute, no matter whether you are consuming storage, ML (Machine Learning) Ops offerings or workload orchestration offerings.”

The new architecture brings cloud services from all of the major HPE infrastructure groups from storage to networking to compute onto a single platform that can be consumed as a unified experience for partners and customers, said Russo. “Basically this will make everything much, much easier to consume in as a service mode,” said Russo.

HPE is providing “security and compliance” for both the underlying GreenLake platform and the cloud services that sit on top of it, said Russo.

GreenLake, HPE.com also provides seamless integration to manage the complete hybrid estate from HPE GreenLake to all the three major public clouds: AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

HPE’s advisory, managed services and financial services will be more tightly integrated into the platform over time, said Russo.

“With this announcement, we continue to expand our leadership in the hybrid, multicloud world with a winning combination and a winning proposal for our customers and our partners with GreenLake,” said Russo. “We have the broadest portfolio across the industry. We have one unified platform.”  1   23… 10NextRELATED TOPICS:


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