Thomas Kurian: 5 Big Remarks On Google’s Generative AI Future

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian wants to stand out from the growing crowd of generative artificial intelligence providers by making Google the most “responsible” and innovative company in the world when it comes to generative AI.

“We remain deeply committed to responsible generative AI,” said Kurian during a media briefing as the company unveiled its new generative AI offerings for Google Cloud and Google Workspace.

“This is the first time we’re taking our new generative AI models and making them directly accessible through an API to the developer community, as well as making a number of these new products available,” said Kurian.

Google Cloud Unveils New Generative AI

Last year, Microsoft-backed startup OpenAI launched its AI chatbot ChatGPT that took the AI world by storm due to its capabilities and various use case opportunities. ChatGPT has somewhat opened up a arms race around generative AI due to its ability to quickly create various forms of content, images and much more.

Google, as well as many other technology leaders, have released competing generative AI offerings such as Google Bard.

However, Google in March launched a slew of new generative AI capabilities as well as new offerings for the Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace.

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On the Google Workspace front, Google introduced a set of AI-powered writing features in Google Docs and Gmail. Other new offerings include Google’s new PaLM API to make it easier and safer to experiment with Google’s large language models, as well as MakerSuite, a new prototyping tool that allows users to iterate on prompts and augment data sets with synthetic data.

“It’s very exciting for all the employees here at Google for the many months of work that’s gone into getting us to where we are today, and most importantly, for the developer and customer community to whom we’ll be giving access to these advances,” said Kurian.

Here are the five boldest remarks from Thomas Kurian on Google’s new generative AI capabilities and future.

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