Pantastic acquires AI-powered product recommendation application LimeSpot Solutions Inc.

Ecommerce company helping DTC brands succeed expands its services portfolio with powerful AI recommendations application.

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pantastic Networks, the ecommerce company that provides powerful products and services to help independent brands thrive, today announced its acquisition of LimeSpot, an industry-leading AI-powered ecommerce personalization application.

LimeSpot is used by thousands of well-known ecommerce brands, including Volcom, Crocs, Under Armour, Beekman 1802, and The Citizenry, with personalization and merchandising solutions that improve discovery, increase conversion and drive additional sales. 

LimeSpot offers a suite of products that improves the buying experience throughout the customer journey. These include: Personalizer, a product recommendation offering, which provides highly targeted, AI-driven recommendations on ecommerce websites. Segmented Experiences, a real-time segmentation engine that allows brands to create dynamic website experiences based on rich audience segmentation data; and a Google Shopping performance optimization solution that increases Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by combining audience data, product attributes and behavioral data. These products help brands deliver highly targeted customer experiences that delight shoppers and drive profitability.

With this addition, Pantastic further strengthens the breadth and impact of its offerings to ecommerce brands of all sizes around acquisition, purchase, and post-purchase.

“We’ve known LimeSpot for many years and have always been impressed with their AI technology and the value they are able to provide to their customers,” said Pantastic Cofounder and CEO Scott Rafer. “LimeSpot’s AI-powered personalization application allows brands to be highly efficient so they see consistent, meaningful growth in their business while delighting their customers.”

“By joining Pantastic, LimeSpot can expand our reach to new customers, and leverage our industry leading technology for new applications and use cases,” said LimeSpot CEO, Sharon Goldstein.” “We’re excited to have found a company that aligns so closely with us and look forward to finding new opportunities to help brands operate more efficiently while increasing returns.”    

Pantastic also previously acquired two ecommerce applications that focus on the post-purchase experience: UpOrder (formerly Spently), which increases repeat purchases with customizable transactional emails for Shopify; and CartHook, which increases average order value (AOV) with one-click post-purchase offers.

“Achieving sustainable growth quickly is key for independent brands’ longevity and bottom-line,” said Rafer. “We’re excited for LimeSpot to join Pantastic. Together with CartHook and UpOrder, LimeSpot rounds out our product portfolio and helps us bring value to brands across the entire customer journey.”

About Pantastic

Pantastic gives independent brands superpowers to compete in today’s competitive ecommerce environment. We provide an enterprise-grade application layer that independent brands use to power their ecommerce operations at any scale. Products include AI-powered products to enhance each step of the customer journey and a smart, scalable merchandising offering. Learn more about us at

About LimeSpot

LimeSpot is a market leader in ecommerce personalization, trusted by thousands of leading Shopify and BigCommerce brands worldwide. We are democratizing personalization by equipping brands with the same tools and technology used by the largest enterprise brands, to help them create elevated shopping experiences. Our suite of 1:1 AI-driven product recommendations, personalized content journeys, email personalization, and Google Shopping optimization helps brands deliver highly targeted customer experiences that delight shoppers and drive merchant profitability.

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