Gluware to Showcase Network RPA Capabilities at Networking Field Day 28

Gluware Executives to Lead Industry Sessions Highlighting Key Use-Cases That Are Advancing Hyperautomation and NetDevOps

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gluware, Inc., the leader in intelligent network automation, will join industry leaders at Networking Field Day 28 to highlight the capabilities of the recently announced Gluware Network Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution and provide real-time demos. The hybrid event is taking place in Santa Clara, California, with additional viewing options available through virtual platforms.

Gluware Network RPA is an integrated application that enables users to create, manage and monitor no-code workflows across a wide range of native and third-party integrations. With this latest addition to the Intelligent Network Automation suite, Gluware adds another powerful application to offer businesses access to end-to-end, intelligent and event-driven hyperautomation of IT infrastructure at scale.

As a presenting sponsor, Gluware will lead several sessions that will showcase various real-world applications of Gluware Network RPA and the Intelligent Network Automation Suite as a whole. These sessions will also demonstrate how Gluware’s capabilities are accelerating NetDevOps to enable enterprises to reap efficiencies from network automation, fast-track ROI on investments and provide teams the ability to move beyond automated tasks so they can focus on process-level improvements.

The full agenda of Gluware’s presentations on Thursday, May 5, includes:

Gluware Intelligent Network Automation
Ernest Lefner, Chief Product Officer: 12:30 P.M. – 12:45 P.M. PST

In this introductory session, Ernest Lefner will provide an overview of Gluware and its solutions. He will also provide insights into the direction the industry is moving, including the current state of NetDevOps and how Gluware is accelerating customers on the path to AIOps.

Introducing Gluware Network RPA – No-Code Drag and Drop Process Automation
Michael Haugh, VP of Product Marketing: 12:50 P.M. – 1:10 P.M. PST

In this session, Michael Haugh will introduce Gluware Network RPA, highlight its integration into the Gluware Intelligent Network Automation Suite, and demonstrate how it adds drag-and-drop process-building to develop, test, deploy, run and monitor process automation.

The session will also feature a “Standard” N-RPA demo that will showcase the ability to build a workflow using the drag-and-drop interface, test the workflow, then advance it to production. Michael will then perform a production run to highlight Gluware’s workflow monitor and logs.

Gluware Network RPA – Automated Security Response and External Integrations
Tim Silverline, VP of Security: 1:15 P.M. – 1:35 P.M. PST

Tim Silverline will build on the previous session to cover a security use case that includes external integrations, specifically StackStorm API integrations like AWS and Ansible.

This session will also feature a demo that shows how Gluware Network RPA integrates programmatically with the ONUG CSNF framework to enable event-based automated security response using programmatic interaction with Network RPA to perform configuration drift audits on the network, along with updating an AWS inbound ACL to block a bad actor as part of the response. An Ansible playbook will be called to perform automated verification.

Using Gluware Lab to Build Low-Code Network RPA Tasks
Michael Haugh, VP of Product Marketing: 1:40 P.M. – 1:55 P.M. PST

Michael Haugh will present a use case demonstrating a customer needing a custom integration. It will highlight how Gluware Lab can be used to create a custom task that will be published into the user’s Gluware Control instance for use in the Network RPA as a custom task.

This session’s demo will showcase a situation where a customer needs a capability, such as an API integration, which is not available. Mike will demonstrate how Gluware Lab can be used to build the task using a low-code wizard-assisted process, package it in a capsule and install it into the instance. He will then use Network RPA to build a basic workflow using the new task.

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