CyberRisk directors invest in Melbourne reseller Techtify

Brent Valle has sold 50 percent of his Melbourne reseller Techtify to the two directors of Melbourne cybersecurity consulting specialist CyberRisk, Leong Wang and Wayne Tufek.

Techtify was launched in April of 2020 by Valle, CRN Fast 50 alum and founder of NGage Technology Group which he sold in 2017.

The investment builds on a partnership between the two companies formed earlier this year.

Valle will remain in the role of chief executive of Techtify and Wang and Tufek will join the company as directors.Leon Wang and Wayne Tufek (CyberRisk)

Velle told CRN that his decision to sell was guided by what he saw happening in the market, and the chance to work with two highly experienced tech leaders.

“I am looking for what the market is really going to need and with everything that’s happened in the last 16 months in the world, and all the cybersecurity stuff coming up, I thought ‘yeah, we’re going all in on that.’ But we’re not pivoting away from anything, we’re just adding complementary services to what we’re already doing to add even more value to our customer base.

“By selling 50 percent of Techtify, not only can I build more capability and have business partners around me to work through and be strategic, I’m actually adding a lot of capability to what we’ve got already to be able to deliver to clients today.”

He added that Techtify has seen strong organic growth reselling hardware and software over the last year, seeing $430,000 in turnover despite the challenges of lockdowns and losing two non-executive directors at the end of last year.

Valle expects the investment by Wang and Tufek to accelerate the growth of Techtify by two to three years.

“Having a full team behind me is a massive opportunity and that’s where Wayne and Leong could see very quickly that I was able to open the door on some decent accounts. That’s where we saw real opportunity and synergy. 

“It’s that collaboration, that introduction, the networking, bringing it together and as potentially providing other services to CyberRisk’s existing clients … I definitely see an element of a one stop shop provider.”

The companies are planning more events like the recent ‘Ride the Cybersecurity Wave’ event held at a surfing wave pool in Tullamarine to encourage collaboration and provide information about products.

“It’s not a tech provider’s responsibility, I don’t think, to bring people together. However, my passion is for bringing people together and really empowering them to live their best life. This is an opportunity for me to go to war with a full team behind me – to go to war to add value to clients even more than they’re currently experiencing.”Got a news tip for our journalists? Share it with us anonymously here.

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