Servers Australia picks HPE, AMD for cloud hosting infrastructure

Hosting services provider Servers Australia has partnered with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to deliver enterprise cloud hosting infrastructure across Australia and New Zealand.

The partnership also marks the end of Servers Australia’s relationship with whitebox cloud hardware vendor Supermicro.

The company said the move to HPE is an industry first where small and medium enterprises can access “true enterprise-level” cloud infrastructure.

“Servers Australia has decided to move away from Supermicro, which is traditionally known as the whitebox cloud hardware of choice, and moved into partnership with HPE,” Servers Australia chief technology officer and co-founder Peter Betyounan said.

“This is an industry first that allows any small and medium enterprises to access true enterprise-level cloud infrastructure.”

Servers Australia added that the partnership enables it to deliver larger solutions within days instead of months.

“Australian distributors have always been a blocker when it comes to larger cloud infrastructure projects,” the company said.

“Now this is no longer the case as we can leverage HPE’s massive infrastructure capacity and also their logistical strengths across our Australian and New Zealand points of presence.

The agreement also allows Servers Australia to always offer the latest Intel and AMD processors, including the latter’s EPYC Milan range. The company has already rolled out the new EPYC chips to current clients, claiming customers have seen improvements over the older Intel chips they replaced.

Also part of the deal is the inclusion of HPE InfoSight, an AI-powered autonomous monitoring operation platform to ensure Servers Australia’s cloud environments are always-on and “always-fast”, delivering intelligence and insights for infrastructure across servers and all HPE storage and virtualised resources.

Speaking to CRN, Betyounan said Servers Australia wanted to move into the enterprise space as it was selling a large number of VMware workloads.

“We wanted a name brand that really allows customers peace of mind that the infrastructure is never questionable,” he said.ADVERTISING

“These days on the cloud you don’t know what hardware you’re on and it’s never discussed. No one knows what kind of hardware you are on.

“With HPE, we know that every piece of equipment that’s going into it has to be branded and certified. We wanted enterprise reliability and that’s what we’re chasing.”

Betyounan added that the partnership has already seen an explosion in sales, saying Servers Australia is seeing multi-million dollar revenues as a result.Got a news tip for our journalists? Share it with us anonymously here.

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