Nvidia Paid Software: vPC, Parabricks And 8 More Products To Know

While Nvidia in its 28-year history has predominantly been focused on making graphics processing units, the chipmaker has increasingly broadened its ambitions to become what CEO Jensen Huang has described as a “full-stack computing company.”

This means the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company has expanded its offerings to include not just other components needed for computing, like network interface cards, but also entire systems, mainly with its DGX line of integrated AI systems that can scale up to massive GPU clusters.

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Another important area of expansion is paid software to make it easier for enterprise customers to develop, deploy, manage and run GPU-accelerated applications. Nvidia has 10 paid enterprise software products covering AI, high-performance computing, interactive graphics and collaboration, and this includes vPC for virtual desktop infrastructure and Parabricks for genome sequencing analysis.

Nvidia has made clear that it views paid software as a major business opportunity. Manuvir Das, the company’s head of enterprise computing, said at an investor conference in June that one of the latest products, Nvidia AI Enterprise, could represent “billions of dollars of opportunity over time” for that product alone because of the software suite’s licensing and support costs.

What follows is an overview of Nvidia’s 10 paid enterprise software products, several of which can be resold by the company’s channel partners as part of the Nvidia Partner Network.  1   23… 11NextRELATED TOPICS:


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