GreenLake SVP Vishal Lall On ‘Very Expensive’ Public Cloud Bills, Repatriation And The ‘Value Proposition’ Of HPE’s GreenLake Ezmeral Unified Analytics Service

HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics Platform Takes Aim At High Priced Public Cloud Based Analytics Offerings

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s is “laser focused” on delivering game-changing total cost of ownership (TCO) that puts an end to expensive public cloud bills for big data analytics solutions with its new GreenLake Unified Analytics on-premises edge-to-cloud platform, said HPE GreenLake Cloud Services Solutions Group Senior Vice President Vishal Lall.

“We are laser focused on making sure the TCO is compelling by doing everything from optimizing the hardware stack to using open source to having a cloud managed model,” said Lall in an interview with CRN. “We are bringing that to either a colo [co-location] or a data center or an edge location.”

That HPE edge-to-cloud prowess is, for the first time, powering a robust hybrid cloud choice for customers who have been frustrated with the high cost and lock-in of public cloud-based analytics solutions and who ran into a “wall” when they were looking for an on-premises cloud consumption-based model, said Lall.

“We are not going in and saying, ‘Give us your data and we’ll lock it up.’ We are saying to customers, ‘We are bringing you an open source, open choice system and if we provide the right performance, the right TCO, of course you’ll give us your business,” said Lall. “But we’ll give you the option of going elsewhere if you want.”

Customers are increasingly balking at the high price of public cloud-based analytics services including from the likes of Amazon Web Services, said Lall.

“Why is two-thirds of Amazon’s valuation based on AWS?” asked Lall. “Because they make a ton of margin. Why do they make a ton of margin? Because they charge a lot [for their services] to customers. At the end of the day, it is that simple. Over time, I think enterprises are realizing this. They use cloud services and know how expensive it is.”

Ultimately, HPE GreenLake Ezmeral Unified Analytics platform is breaking through the perennial public cloud versus on-premises debate, said Lall. “It is not about on-prem, it is not about public cloud, it is a matter of making sure you put your workloads exactly where the economics and performance make sense,” he said.  1   23… 6NextRELATED TOPICS:


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