Google Confirms Search And Maps AI Event On February 8: What To Expect

Google has lined up an AI-centric event this month which promises us to give us new updates on Search and Maps as per the reports. The event will be streamed online and is called “Live from Paris.”

The event is going to be Google’s platform to showcase its work in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and we could get some details on Google’s possible rival to ChatGPT. The Google event this month is on February 8 and it will be streamed at 8:30 AM ET (7:00 PM IST). Google has usually kept its big ticket announcements for the I/O conference where it gets to interact and network with the developer community.

But this event seems like the company is eager to get its AI project up and running, especially with the hype around ChatGPT catching everyone by surprise.

Google has generally stayed ahead of the curve but the Open AI product has definitely caught the search engine giant out of the blue, so much that the company had to raise an internal red code to make a compelling product that could rival ChatGPT.Advertisement

Google’s AI integration has complimented its existing set of products, and this ChatGPT rival is likely to follow the same model, as explained by Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, who claims that Google has been investing heavily on natural language AI and it will be offered via Search to the consumers.

Google has been working on its AI product for years but the company has been facing sentient challenges, which it has not admitted publicly but reports suggest the company has been worried about the ethics of the application. The sudden spring in their step could be the result of ChatGPT and how it has stolen the limelight in the field of AI, which has clearly not gone down well at Google.

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