Amino Health Adds New Dashboard Functionality, Prompts Users to Prioritize Preventative Care

SAN FRANCISCO, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Amino Health, the leading digital healthcare guidance company, launched a set of new platform features, including an updated dashboard that puts preventative care front-and-center. Now, members can build a team of preferred primary care, preventative care, and other providers, which simplifies care management, appointment rebooking, and empowers members to proactively maintain good health. 

Preventative care, including annual check-ups with a Primary Care Provider (PCP), has been proven to optimize overall health. It helps people live longer, feel better, and avoid disability and long absences from work. It also reduces healthcare costs by 33%

And yet, 70 – 80% of adults in the United States don’t schedule annual visits, often because they don’t have a PCP or don’t know which providers to choose. Without regular check-ins and recommended screenings, conditions go unmanaged until serious medical intervention — such as hospitalization or high-cost treatment — is needed.

Amino’s added platform functionality empowers plan members to be more proactive with their care and eliminates the friction of identifying high-quality, low-cost providers who can support their ongoing health. Members will benefit from: 

  • Prompts to select a PCP at sign up. Rather than just providing a passive provider search function, Amino nudges members to “add a provider today” when they create their account. For employers and plan sponsors, this streamlines user onboarding, eliminates guesswork, and helps organizations build a culture that prioritizes health and wellness.
  • Continued emphasis on best in-network providers. When members add a provider to their provider team, Amino validates that the selected provider is a Smart Match. Smart Matches are in-network providers that deliver safe, appropriate, experienced care in significantly less expensive settings. This patented qualification is based on proprietary quality and value ratings gleaned from over 26 billion healthcare claims and 200 quality metrics across 200+ health plan networks. If the selected provider is not a Smart Match, Amino will recommend Smart Match alternatives.
  • Easier repeat booking. Once members curate a list of their favorite providers in their provider team, it becomes easier for them to quickly find those providers for future bookings. The new Amino dashboard also highlights upcoming appointments and will send reminder emails ahead of time to help members keep track of their visits.  

With these new features, Amino platform users can easily make preventative care a top priority, reducing their risk of chronic, long-term illness or a major health crisis. For employers and health plans, this means better overall member health, fewer medical claims, and substantially lower healthcare costs. 

“Regular checkups are easy to put off—especially when you feel fine—but the risks of delaying or avoiding ongoing preventative care are significant,” said Amino Health CEO David Vivero. “Amino Health is responding to these risks as an imperative and building in new platform features to make it easier for members to be proactive in managing their health.”

The updated dashboard has been pushed out to 1 million+ Amino users at some of the largest, most innovative organizations in the country, including Hitachi, New Jersey State Health Plans, Envision Healthcare and San Luis Obispo County, California.

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