Tenant, Inc., Announces Automated Rent Management System for Their Hummingbird Self-Storage Property Management Software, Making Storage Rental Increases Efficient and Error-Free, While Maximizing Revenue

– Tenant, Inc., the only purpose-built SaaS technology platform company that offers a complete ecosystem tailored to the self-storage industry, is proud to announce the launch of its new Automated Rent Management System in their Hummingbird Property Management software platform, which marks a significant advancement for property management efficiency.

Tenant, Inc.’s new Automated Rent Management System maximizes revenue and reduces labor cost by taking the guesswork and repeated manual effort out of rent changes. The Automated Rent Management feature enables self storage facility managers to create and apply rent plans that automatically execute rent raises based on parameters and limits.

Automated Rent Management eliminates the need for self storage operators to manually manage rent change calculations and schedules. With Automated Rent Management, rent plans are created and scheduled directly in the Hummingbird property management software, ensuring rent raises for all specified units happen on time automatically, and that no opportunities fall through the cracks due to human error. This streamlined process allows for maximum revenue capture with minimum time spent. Storage operators can set varying levels of permission and control, for example, rent raises can run automatically or require approval.

This feature allows for the automatic adjustment of tenant rents based on specific months detailed in the rent plan. Once assigned, it aligns rental prices with the tenant’s move-in date, executing Automated Rent Changes seamlessly.

The Automated Rent Management feature is designed to be user-friendly, allowing any team member to view or manage it while also offering the capability to restrict access through the Roles and Permissions settings. This ensures that property management teams can maintain control over who can adjust storage unit rental rate settings, providing both flexibility and security.

“Our Automated Rent Management System is a game-changer for self-storage facility management. It’s not just about automation; it’s about enhancing the relationship between property managers and tenants through efficiency and transparency,” says Lance Watkins, CEO of Hummingbird.

Storage operators can embrace the future of property management with Hummingbird’s Automated Rent Management System, which streamlines their rent adjustment process, improves operational efficiency, and promotes tenant satisfaction with just a few clicks.

About Tenant, Inc.

Tenant Inc. offers a cloud-based, all-in-one digital technology platform purpose-built for the self-storage industry. Tenant, Inc. provides a single platform of software as a service (SaaS) products, self-storage websites, and technology solutions that give self-storage operators everything they need to run their business across point of sale, operations, and online rentals.

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