Salesforce Grants Equity Awards to LevelJump Employees Under Its Inducement Equity Incentive Plan

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the global leader in CRM, today announced it has granted equity awards under its 2014 Inducement Equity Incentive Plan (the “Plan”) to new employees who joined Salesforce in connection with the acquisition of LevelJump. The Plan was adopted by the Salesforce Board of Directors in July 2014, in accordance with New York Stock Exchange Rule 303A.08.

LevelJump is a sales enablement and readiness solution built on the Salesforce platform, providing modern, outcome-based enablement and coaching within the Sales Cloud interface. LevelJump will become part of Sales Cloud, accelerating Salesforce’s entry into the sales enablement space by guiding and facilitating better engagement and measurable impact on the sales process. With LevelJump and Trailhead, Salesforce will play an even larger role in upskilling the future workforce – an increasingly vital need in the modern workplace.

Through the Plan, Salesforce granted a total of 14,444 restricted stock units (“RSUs”) to 12 LevelJump employees. The RSUs vest over four years with 25 percent of the RSUs vesting on the first anniversary of the grant date and the balance vesting quarterly thereafter in 12 equal installments, subject to continued service through each applicable vesting date. Each of the employees who received an equity award is a non-executive officer.

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