Infobip Selects Resilio Active Everywhere Platform for Global Communications Network

Resilio, a leader in the delivery of active, current, and accessible file data everywhere, announced that Infobip has selected the company as the solution provider for advanced, real-time file data synchronization. Using the Resilio Active Everywhere Platform in more than 20 data centers globally, Infobip achieved business and technology performance goals unmatched by conventional file synchronization solutions. The platform helped Infobip meet and exceed stringent service level requirements set by its enterprise customers, protecting its reputation as a global leader in omnichannel communications.

“The value that Resilio delivers is a big deal for our team,” said Goran Buac, senior systems infrastructure engineer at Infobip. “Resilio is a great solution due to its ease of configuration, service stability, regular updates with new features, and the speed of syncing hundreds of thousands of files.”

“The value Resilio delivers is a big deal for our team.”. -Goran Buac, senior systems infrastructure engineer, Infobip.

Infobip experienced significant challenges using conventional replication and synchronization tools, including Microsoft Distributed File System Replication (DFSR), which included poor performance, unpredictable synchronization speeds, and network latency across their global network. The company needed to keep its data centers, networks, and file data highly available, accessible, and updated within seconds. Additionally, proprietary and sensitive information resided within their data centers, so adhering to data privacy regulations was mission-critical.

Using the Resilio platform, Infobip solved these challenges to meet service-level agreements with enterprise customers and ensure high availability, accessibility, and compliance with local, national, and regional data privacy regulations.

The Resilio Active Everywhere platform is an automation-driven solution that unifies file access and delivery across devices and locations while overcoming the unpredictability of network latency. It enables customers to activate their file data and workflows everywhere, globally. The platform can be deployed using any storage, servers, and IP network on-premises or in a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

As a caching gateway, Resilio can be deployed in various configurations. It automates cache management across all locations, data centers, and cloud regions. File movement is controlled via policies, through an API, or from the web-based management console. Hundreds of millions of files can be kept current across sites on-demand and in real-time, across any distance.

“Organizations need modern, innovative solutions to remain agile and competitive in today’s fast-paced digital landscape,” said Eric Klinker, cofounder and CEO of Resilio. “The collaboration with Infobip underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled performance, reliability, scalability, and value to customers.”

Learn how Infobip enhanced productivity and business continuity by deploying Resilio in the company’s latest case study. See the new Resilio Active Everywhere Platform at the NAB Show 2024 conference this week in Las Vegas.

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