Dynatrace Expands Davis AI Platform To ‘Reduce Costs’ For MSPs

Unified observability and security vendor Dynatrace has expanded its artificial intelligence engine Davis AI to boost productivity across business, development, security and operations teams for MSPs.

The updated version converges causal, predictive and generative AI which will simplify and accelerate tasks such as creating automations and dashboards.

“All our customers today are using Davis AI but analyzing profits manually is just hard, cumbersome and slow. Environments are getting more complex,” Alois Reitbauer, chief product officer and head of open source of Waltham, Mass.-based Dynatrace, told CRN.

With the new capabilities within Davis AI, predictive AI recommends future actions based on data from the past, casual AI delivers fact-based and precise answers based by analyzing large sets of observability and security data andgenerative AI recommends how to solve specific tasks.

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“Every customer tells us, ‘Our environments are getting way too complex. They’re getting bigger and we have to figure out how to work with them,’” he said. “Our overall goal is to automate the tasks that we can automate.”

“Humans shouldn’t do what a human shouldn’t have to do,” he added. “Human intelligence should be more and more used for the exception, not for the rule.”

And it all lends to an increase in productivity for MSPs.

“They run systems more reliably, they need less people to do so and they can put them on more important projects,” he said.

Martin Doornbusch, head of operations, digital performance management solutions at Bezons, France-based MSP Eviden, said the level of specificity Dynatrace provides is unique.

“The approach of leveraging causal AI, predictive AI, and now generative AI is a game-changer for organizations managing dynamic cloud environments,“ he told CRN. ”This expansion of Davis AI will enable us to boost productivity across the full DevOps lifecycle and empower our customers to innovate faster and improve digital experiences for end-users.“

“There’s cost pressures for MSPs every day,” said Reitbauer. The way to differentiate is to provide “the most reliable service at the most competitive cost, especially in the current economic environment.”

“It’s not a magic trick that we’re doing here,” he said. “We’re reducing costs by automating more and we’re improving quality because of the industry-leading capability of analyzing and understanding the data.”LEARN MORE: AI 

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