D&H And HPE Smart Choice Deliver The Performance Customers Want With The Speed You Need

In today’s fast-paced world, partners are feeling the heat to deliver top-notch compute products both quickly and competitively. Enter the HPE Smart Choice purchase program, in collaboration with D&H Distributing and Intel.

“It allows some of our partners who have that need for speed, that need to have things be easier, it allows them that kind of middle ground out here again, where they can get these fully configured services, fully built out, custom tailored kind of offerings,” Earl Greer, director of Modern Infrastructure at D&H Distributing, said. “And allows them to be quoted fast, not to have to mess with a lot of special back and forth pricing and allows them to be delivered just as quick as we can get them right out of our inventory.”

With this program, partners receive quick quotes, secure the best prices, and enjoy faster shipping on select HPE ProLiant servers powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors. This streamlines distribution operations and improves your competitive edge.

“The experience of go ahead and procuring these servers is something like the way that we would buy clothes. You buy a t -shirt in a small, you buy it in a medium or you buy it in a large and it’s fast, it’s priced super aggressively and out it comes,” Greer said.

The balance between customization and convenience sets HPE Smart Choice apart from previous offerings.

“A CTO is a fully configured curated box all put together, custom, takes a long time. BTO was very customized but came in lots and lots and lots of individual pieces. Smart Choice fits right in the middle. It allows curated, configured servers that come away with a single box all put together,” Greer said.ADVERTISEMENT

HPE Smart Choice seamlessly blends with D&H’s distribution model, juggling efficiency and customization. This ensures partners of all sizes, whether big corporations or small businesses, can enjoy a smooth procurement experience tailored just for them.

“We’re big enough that we have enough money, dollar, and size to lean in and develop things that our largest customers need. But we do really lean in on the small customers,” Greer said. “And the small and medium customers sometimes might need a bit more of a touch. They might need some extra hands and sometimes they just need a little bit more help getting the deals out the door.”

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