Datadog: Datadog brings OpenAI model monitoring into the fold, launches new integration

New York-based Datadog, which provides a cloud observability platform for enterprise applications and infrastructure, today announced an integration to monitor OpenAI models such as GPT-4.

The offering, Datadog says, will help enterprise teams understand user interactions with their GPT-powered applications, ultimately enabling them to fine-tune the models for better performance and economies.Becoming Secure by Design438.5K24 (9)Skip Ad

The announcement comes as OpenAI’s large language models continue to see adoption across a variety of enterprise-specific use cases, including business-critical areas such as customer service and data querying.

How does the OpenAI integration help?

Once up and running, the Datadog-OpenAI integration automatically tracks GPT usage patterns, providing teams with actionable insights into model performance and costs via dashboards and alerts.

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