Class Intercom Releases Social Media Certification for School Administrators, Educators & Students

LINCOLN, Neb., Feb. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Class Intercom, a leading provider of social media management software for schools, has released an official social media certification process, including training and assessment. The Class Intercom Certification is designed for school administrators, educators, and students involved in social media management, digital citizenship and storytelling, and media literacy initiatives. Available to students and educators at schools and districts of all types–including preschool, K-12, post-secondary, public, private, religious, and parochial schools–the certification provides a range of practical and professional benefits.

The Class Intercom Certification instills confidence in administrators, school PR professionals, and school IT professionals charged with ensuring that social media channels are properly utilized, secured, and managed. It is administered through a series of self-paced, on-demand video courses covering best practices for social media management and digital citizenship taught by Dr. Jill Johnson, lifelong educator and President of Class Intercom.

Class Intercom Certified educators in oversight roles for school social media programs are also better positioned to build social media teams that include both peers and students. In addition to being supported in the logistics of onboarding, training, and managing users, administrators and educators can manage and report on content over time across multiple channels and even schools. In conjunction with Class Intercom’s technology, the program provides a seamless and secure avenue for engaging staff and students in school social media channels as part of initiatives like course curriculum, restorative practices, career exploration and development, and digital media proficiency.

“As we work to empower more content creators,” explains Dr. Jill Johnson, “the Class Intercom Certification program ensures all users are receiving the fundamental instruction needed to create and submit quality content for their school.”

The certification and platform also offer a number of key efficiencies and enhancements in the classroom. “As a teacher of a high school social media course, I believe this will be an exceptional certification process at the beginning of our class,” says Clay Reisler, a Business Education Teacher at Pulaski Community High School in Pulaski, Wisconsin, noting that he has used Class Intercom for the last four years. “I learned specific terminology through the certification process that will help me be a more efficient instructor with students. I look forward to using this next August as I introduce another group of Content Generation students to the power of creation, especially creation using Class Intercom.”

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