Audent Global Asset Management Leads Latest Investment Round for Ryff

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Audent Global Asset Management, a full-service investment boutique providing global investment solutions, is leading the next round of financing for Ryff, a technology startup that is poised to disrupt the world of visual advertising radically and permanently through the introduction of real time brand integration into sports, influencers, TV & film. Audent leads  a $11.7 million round that includes Vulcan and Mac Ventures. 

“We were instantly drawn to Ryff because we believe they have the potential to dramatically disrupt the product placement paradigm for digital media with the successful work with Coca Cola, Diegeo and others,” said Paul Feinstein, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Audent Global Asset Management. “We look to invest in teams led by industry disrupters like Roy Taylor who contributed so much to the success of NVIDIA and AMD. Our businesses are very much geared toward challenging the status quo and current methods of engagement with clients.”

The rapid evolution of technology has transformed media and entertainment into an experience led industry. No longer will viewers tolerate interruptions into their entertainment or want to see messages which are not either culturally or contextually relevant to them. For the first time, brands and their agencies can tailor messages direct to consumers through the implementation of very large scale, local and global content brand integration. The Ryff platform allows brands both large and small to discover and build messages and campaigns that deliver results that outperform all other kinds of advertising. 

“Paul shares our passion for the creator economy. He understands the scope of the opportunity to create a new multibillion dollar business,” said Roy Taylor, Founder and CEO of Ryff. “Having a strong partner like Audent allows us to expand our reach and invest into growing our 10,000 hour library of available content for brands. We look forward to building and launching Spheera, the world’s first platform for the creator economy aimed specifically for every type of entertainment.”

Previous investors in Ryff include Valor Equity Partners, and Moneta Ventures.

About Audent Global Asset Management
Audent Global Asset Management (AGAM) is a full-service investment boutique providing global investment solutions covering equities, fixed income, alternatives, VC, and derivatives in actively managed and tax efficient portfolios that align with clients’ individual goals. Led by respected industry veteran Paul Feinstein, AGAM aims to deliver advice and solutions that are innovative, completely customized, and actively managed.

About Ryff
Ryff is part of a new breed of Hollywood player, rewriting the rules of product placement using our proprietary AI technology. We virtually insert products into fully mastered and edited content including library content on OTT. Ryff is opening up new inventory so brands can reach previously unreachable audiences and build cultural relevance.


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