AMD Ryzen Pro Boss Talks ‘Phenomenal’ Lenovo Partnership, H-Series Expansion

Out of the 200-plus designs announced for the Ryzen 6000 series this year, can you say how many of those are commercial designs with Ryzen Pro CPUs?

I can’t give you a specific number, but what I can say is we’re definitely going to see pretty substantial growth on the commercial side. And that’s inclusive of both our commercial and our workstation lineup as well. And so we’re going to see some healthy growth in the portfolio. We will be doing a separate set of press engagements, specifically around Ryzen Pro a little bit later this spring. And at that point in time, we’ll reveal a little bit more of that detail and can talk through some of those more specifically.

What’s new in the Ryzen Pro 6000 chips this year?

Well, we actually did reveal quite a few things as a part of Ryzen 6000 that are going to be included in our Ryzen Pro 6000 lineup of products. Starting with just Ryzen 6000 in general and things that will extend very, very tangibly into the Pro space: That Zen 3+ core, that RDNA 2 graphics and that new adaptive power management system, that’s going to allow us to continue to deliver just outstanding performance on real-world applications, which has been a strong suit of ours over the last few generations. We’re going to continue to be very, very strong there.

And frankly, I think we’re going to continue to be the leader in battery life on platforms in the industry. We’ve really architected this Ryzen 6000 product and the Pro products by extension to be very adaptive to the application, the use case that a user is experiencing at any given time so we can really put the full force of performance on a workload, whether it’s [Microsoft] Office or Teams or whatever, but also really deliver best-in-class power efficiency and battery life under those workloads as well.

A couple other things: We will absolutely continue to drive innovation and introduce new capabilities and features around our AMD Pro technologies. I think one of the things that you saw in the announcement with Ryzen 6000 in general was the introduction of this Pluton security chip [from Microsoft] that’s integrated into our chip. That’s a really strong collaboration with Microsoft on a technology that was originally pioneered on the Xbox, and now we’re bringing that into the PC space. Really excited about what that does. And I think if you think about our overall AMD Pro Security solution, which is this multi-layered approach to security, Pluton fills a really valuable place in that, adding yet just another layer of security and in that commercial space and those Pro parts, I think that’s going to be a big value proposition as well.Back1   2   3… 10NextRELATED TOPICS:


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