Alienware To McConaughey: Cool Scenes From Dell Tech World

10 Sights To See At Dell Technologies World 2022

From award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey stopping by to the massive Alienware Arena Esports arena, Dell Technologies World 2022 is jam-packed with entertainment for everyone.

Over 5,500 people flocked to Las Vegas this week to attend Dell Technologies World, marking the first time since 2019 that Dell has hosted its flagship event in person due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s so great to be back in-person. You can feel just a ton of excitement from people,” said Megan Amdahl, senior vice president of Partner Management and Enterprise Sales, for Insight, one of Dell’s largest global partners. “We have a lot of our biggest global accounts here that we’re meeting throughout the event. … It’s been really good and highly more productive than the Zoom calls. You just get so much more interaction.”

Aside from the successful channel partner and customer interactions throughout the four-day event, the Round Rock, Texas-based infrastructure and PC technology giant provided a slew of entertainment, special guest keynotes and visually stunning displays.

On top of the slew of new products and partnerships launched, here are ten of the coolest scenes from Dell Technologies World 2022 in Las Vegas this week.


Matthew McConaughey On Innovation And Investments

Renowned actor, director, author and investor, Matthew McConaughey was one of the many top-notch guest speakers during Dell Technologies World this year.

During his keynote on stage in front of hundreds of attendees, McConaughey talked about technology, investments and his “North Star,” to name a few topics.

“Can technology not only give us, remind us to be more empathetic, remind us to have more concern for someone else’s sufferings—but can it inspire us, or activate us, to actually do more than care, but actually, let’s care for [others],” said McConaughey during his keynote on Monday titled “Unleash the innovator in all of us.”

The award-winning actor talked about his investments strategy regarding sustainable innovation.

“I try to invest my direct investments and my time and resources into things that endorse my own values and don’t siphon off the credibility that I’ve earned,” said McConaughey. “Restoration is a big sort of key point, or North Star, for me with my investments. Is it restoring sustainable innovation? Not just innovation, but innovation that I’m going, ‘That’s a good idea now, but that’ll be a great idea 100 years from now too.’ Is it necessary now, and will it be in the future?”  1   23… 10NextRELATED TOPICS:


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