Alef’s Mobile Toolkit Empowers Enterprises Through Mobile Connectivity

Edge API platform provider Alef is all about empowering enterprises through mobile connectivity.

“If you don’t come up with a model that that lends itself to the enterprise operating structure, you’re never going to be able to get broad based usage of mobility. And so, the carriers are the wrong place to go for this technology. enterprise’s need to do it themselves with their partners,” said Alef CEO Mike Mulica.

The company launched its mobile toolkit in April so enterprises can deploy their own private networks through a simplified process that saves time and money.

“What the mobile toolkit allows enterprises to do is consume technology in a way that they’re used to consuming technology,” Mulica said.

For example, since enterprises are accustomed to working with APIs, Mobile Toolkit allows enterprises to stick to what they know.ADVERTISEMENT

“The mobile toolkit allows you to get mobility as a service inside the enterprise, by accessing our API’s,” Mulica said.

According to the New York City-based company, Alef’s mobile network as a service creates a new category in mobile. Through Alef’s open Edge API platform, the company says it allow enterprises to create a private mobile network inside the firewall as part of its enterprise network instead of using 5G.

“The toolkit approach that Alef has taken is quite interesting. they label all the APIs to be used. It creates the ability for the customers to customize for their purposes, but also not to make it so bespoke that it becomes cumbersome to be able to actually scale,” said Manish Mangal, global business head of 5G and network services at consulting company Tech Mahindra.

By removing the need for legacy carriers and making the technology digestible, the mobile toolkit removes obstacles that have stood in the way of enterprises adopting the technology.

“The mobile toolkit gives enterprises the ability to avoid all of that cost- all of the training, and, all of that upfront justification to begin to experience how mobility can change the workflows across a lot of different vertical markets,” said Mulica.

Deployment is cut from months to as little as 60 minutes as enterprises use the Mobile Toolkit to directly connect to the edge. And with Alef’s ‘pay as you grow, pay as you use’ model enterprises also cuts expenses.

“There are a lot of players in the industry who will approach in a different way. But the idea of getting the API is enabled for third party to use and build the ecosystem around it is going to be really critical one,” Mangal said.LEARN MORE: 

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